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We are so thankful for how God continues to use this ministry to draw people close to Him.  Wether you listen through the app, through the website or through a podcast, we thank you for listening.  May God continue to heal, comfort, encourage and redeem people through His Spirit and His word.  Know that you have been prayed for as we prepare each message, that you would find a place in God's kingdom to belong, a place to grow, to thrive, to serve and to celebrate.  If you are near Midland MI, we would love to have you come visit.  

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  • If you're looking for messages from a few years ago, this is the place to find them.  We've been podcasting our sermon audio since 2008, and are thankful for how God has continued to use these sermons to draw people to Himself.  Thank you for listening.  Click here for archived sermons