Feedom Sunday September 29th

Right now, an estimated 40 million people are trapped in slavery around the world.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we are not helpless. 

We start with prayer, lament, learning, dialogue, and worship. We then move into community-based action, mobilizing churches to restore relationships, rebuild communities, and reframe harmful values to holistically transform society.

Join us during our regular worship times on Sunday, September 29th, for celebration of Freedom Sunday! 

The focus will be on prayer aimed at promoting holistic freedom and healing of brokenness for individuals, relationships, communities and systems.

Our local church body partners financially with the Set Free Movement, seeking to end modern slavery and create new futures. Ending slavery means transforming people and communities from the inside out, addressing the root causes of exploitation. This requires healing of brokenness at all levels: individuals, relationships, communities, and systems. 

We need healthy communities where people can experience holistic freedom, not just freedom from injustice, but freedom for a greater purpose.

One very powerful way we all can engage in this battle for freedom is through prayer.


Why do we participate in Freedom Sunday?  How can you become part of justice, freedom and ending modern day slavery in our time?