Matt & Lauren Chandler - Their Story

Matt and Lauren Chandler met in the mountains of Colorado in the summer of 1997—he, the dramatically converted and passionate preacher; she, the good girl and a fixture in her church’s youth group. Both brought their share of baggage and immaturity, but by God’s mercy, they grew up together in grace and forgiveness. They married in 1999.

The first six years of their marriage served as a fire to test and weld their hearts closer to the Lord and each other. Matt and Lauren moved from their small college town to the city of Dallas, where Matt continued his itinerant preaching ministry. In late 2002, he accepted the lead pastor position at Highland Village First Baptist Church (now The Village Church) in Highland Village, Texas. A few months later they welcomed their first child, Audrey. About three years later, Reid was born, and after another three years, Norah.

Thanksgiving Day 2009 marked their family forever. Matt suffered a seizure that led to the discovery of a malignant brain tumor. After a resection, radiation and chemotherapy, Matt has remained cancer-free. To the glory of God’s great grace, he and Lauren continue to minister at The Village Church and to the Church at large. In addition to being a husband, father, and Lead Pastor of The Village Church, Matt is also the President of Acts 29, a worldwide church-planting organization with nearly 600 churches around the globe. He is the author of five books (The Explicit Gospel, published in April 2012, Creature of the Word, released in October 2012, To Live is Christ To Die is Gain, released in September 2013, Recovering Redemption, released in May 2014, and The Mingling of Souls, released January 2015) and has sermons that are consistently amongst the top 10 Christian podcasts on iTunes.

We are devoted to helping hurting couples, encouraging those doing well to do better, and equipping those doing amazing to serve others.  Join us for the Mingling of Souls Marriage Conference Friday evening February 24 through Saturday afternoon February 25.  This is an on demand video event by Matt & Lauren Chandler.  The event will be at the Holiday Inn Express in Midland and the cost will be $150 per couple.  The cost includes your event fee, your room fee and a great breakfast on Saturday morning.  Feb. 24 & 25 - registration is open

"Our Story" with Matt & Lauren Chandler Video

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Marriage Conference will be Friday Feb 24 from 7 - 10pm, & Saturday Feb 25 from 9am - noon