Beyond Project

Through the generosity of our church members, the internal appearance of our facility has been upgraded and continues to represent us well. We recognize that the quality of our facilities, inside and out, is an important reflection of our stewardship of all that God has entrusted to us.


As a result of the generosity of our church body, within the last few years, we've updated the lobby, created a coffee area, remodeled the men's and women's bathrooms, replaced the flooring in the kitchen, and replaced the carpet throughout the building.  All with no debt, Praise God!


Our desire, at this time, is to update the outside of the building, in a cost-efficient manner, that not only improves the appearance, but preserves the building. 


Thank you for your consideration and partnership in this project.

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Beyond Project


Front of building UPDATES

Exterior Paint, ACM Panels, The addition of a Cross

Building  entrances  updates

Awnings Sun shades over secondary entrances

High Level overview


The church leaders have been working with designers over a year and a half, coming up with a design that would respect the work and hearts of those who worked so hard, meet the goal to preserve and modernize, while remaining fiscally conservative


As we worked with the builders, talked to the leadership and those who have been here for years, there were a few things that stood out in importance. With that in mind, we've planned to:


Paint the exterior, install ACM panels over the stained glass windows, install sun shades/awnings and install and backlit cross on the front of the building


Keep the original stonework. The stones were gathered and installed by the people who moved from Mill St. to the current location and a master craftsman. The stones represent their prayers, their love, and their sacrifice.


Keep the steeple. While we don’t have any artifacts from the original church on Mill Street, the steeple represents an artifact of church design for over 100 years. It reminds us of the beginning that God gave us on Mill St.


Keep the stained-glass windows. We will be covering the windows with ACM panels so that they are not visible from the outside. However, they will be backlit and visible from the inside.




The leadership and people of this church have always had a vision and desire to preach the truth, in love. They have also desired that people come to know God as their personal Lord and Savior, to be transformed and to follow Him with all their whole heart.


The Vision to move from Mill St to Eastman Avenue in 1969


The Vision for expansion to original facilities (1994 and 2010)


As we look to the future, the stewardship of what God has entrusted to us and the vision of what He is calling us to continues. We want to see people come to know Christ, to be transformed and to follow Him with their whole heart.

The Why


We're part of something so much bigger. Our community of believers here at MFMC, as a small part of all of God's church, has the ability to participate with what God is doing locally, regionally and globally. We are stewards of all that God entrusts to us and we desire to stay current and relevant in the culture He has called us to minister to.




Painting the exterior helps preserve the bricks of our building.

Updates the color


ACM Panels

Modernizes and changes the exterior visually


Possibly provide the ability for the auditorium to function as a storm shelter, by eliminating the threat of broken glass. Currently, we do not have enough safe area to shelter a full auditorium and classrooms in the event of a inclement weather.


Awnings/Sun Shades/Beam

Modernizes look and adds character visually



The cross provides a focal point for our building. The cross is why we exist. Without the cross, there is no church. We unapologetically worship Jesus Christ and desire that all people turn to Him.

Thank you for giving